Website development and Mobile apps based on NEWSPAD technology which includes:

  • Unique designs on web and mobiles apps (iOS and Android) with homogeneous feel and Look and same features on websites and apps
  • Mobile visits could be recorded as PageViews on website. This means better visibility and advertising revenues.
  • More than 30 unique features on website with lots of them common on mobile apps. Client specific features can also be incorporated
  • Unique News Communities features around content like Follow author, Follow tags, Playlists, Text to Speech..etc
  • Responsive Design capabilities to show website design shrinking in the right mode on tablets and mobiles
  • Website and mobile apps design and implementations could be done as fast as three months, all powered by Rapid Browser
  • Powerful technologies using node.js, V8 Google Engine, and Elastic search
  • All integrated solution could be hosted on the cloud with KV managing it inside out.

Support Responsive Design for web, tablets and smart mobiles,
considerably reducing content production and support costs