News Management System

Content Hub; Aggregation, tagging, authoring, publishing

The back-end of Publish live consists of a highly scalable editorial content hub driven by RAPID Browser on the cloud/premise with tools for publishing to multiple platforms. RAPID Browser, provides the foundations for an easy to use editorial planning system for multi-publishing to paper, web, mobile, tablets and social networks etc. Built from the ground up on open-source web foundations, Publish live solutions allow to work across editorial centres, corporations and government bodies through convergent newsrooms for media and enterprises. RAPID Browser also encompass commercial products, “Syndigital”, “Live Communities” and “RAPID Mobile” that help media companies, research centers and enterprises generate revenues through syndication and web advertisement RAPID Browser, and its various modules, starting with RAPID Editor, provides the foundations for an easy to use editorial planning system for multi-publishing. Being built from the ground up on open-system Web foundations, it allows for distributed editorial work across several editorial centers and for editorial sharing across different production systems. RAPID Browser can integrate with editorial productions systems for paper, Web, mobile or TV and Radio, or perform many of the functions directly. Publish live Services including Newsroom design, training and consulting on editorial change management, helps ensure good returns on investment for coping with a rapidly changing world. .