An-Nahar Newspaper Implements Publish Live by KnowledgeView For An Advanced Contemporary Newsroom

October 22, 2016


The renowned An-Nahar Newspaper is considered Lebanon's equivalent of the New York Times operated by the distinguished Tueni family who left its mark in politics, journalism and writing. In 2003, it was the vision of the influential Gebran Tueni, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of An-Nahar, to digitalize An-Nahar daily newspaper and join the paperless era. He chose and trusted KnowledgeView to make this digital leap, starting with using Publish live and its core RAPID Browser product for digital news reception and management.

Tueni had a vision of using Publish live for totally integrated news editorial and production, down to controlling digitally all page elements from the editorial meeting room. The later assassination of Gebran Tueni, one of the most influential voices and freedom of speech fighters in the Arab region, put a hold on this vision for years, until his daughter Nayla followed his path in 2015 and decided to finish what her father had started with KnowledgeView.

Choosing Publish live comes in line with An-Nahar's commitment to optimize news making and serve wider audience. Publish live is a world class newsroom solution specifically designed to cater for publishers and news media, allowing publishers to easily create and publish news in an efficient way.

An-Nahar's new newsroom, powered by Publish live, revolutionized the old workflow system with a simple yet powerful efficient workflow reducing print publishing cost by at least $240k annually. News production became simple and easy. A normal print publishing day from authoring to final page used to take 10 hours with 14 production staff (Text, entry + layout). With Publish live, these hours have been reduced to only 8hrs using only 4 production staff. Moreover, KnowledgeView had the tools and expertise to help with the editorial change management for a modern newsroom during a seamless implementation without any interruptions.

Publish live technology can be easily integrated with online advertising such as OpenX and Google Double Click. KnowledgeView has also developed the unique Rewardisement technology that enables users to engage intelligently with advertising across Paper, Print and Mobile, providing additional advertising technology for publishers to deal effectively with the problem of Adblocking.

"We are very happy with the professionalism and efficiency of KnowledgeView's Team. RB simplified the whole complicated editorial operation and KnowledgeView managed to guide and consult us throughout the process making it a smooth and easy transition." Nayla Tueni, Chief Executive Officer, An-Nahar Newspaper